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Tapering or Top Heavy – which is more economical?

The Shard and the Walkie-Talkie are two radically different buildings.  The Walkie Talkie (20 Fenchurch Street) is top heavy because upper stories command higher rents. The developers of The Shard layered an hotel above the offices and topped the building with residential units.  Which approach generates more income per million pounds of investment?

(Natalie  28 Jan 2016)

Should fins be confined to fishes?

Many modern buildings have fins. We noted that The Walkie Talkie has vertical fins on the east and west sides.  One of the members said he had worked in an office with horizontal fins which were useless – he had had to install internal blinds to protect the office from glare.  Between The Walkie Talkie and St Pauls we can see The Walbrook Building, ( which has horizontal fins.  Opposite The Walbrook building there is a new development which appears to have both horizontal fins and vertical fins set at different angles.

Are fins always fixed?  Do they work?  Which designs are best?

Gardens In The Sky

From the Walkie Talkie we could see that several buildings had green roofs.  Some have trees and look as if they might be used for recreation.  Some looked as if they contain only grass.  When was the first of the new roof top gardens?  Do planners insist on them?  How easy is it to garden on a roof?  Do the gardens cause problems to the buildings?

(Natalie 28 Jan 2016)