Kings Cross 1 Feb 2017 and change of plan

The next outing will be on Wednesday 1st February 2017 (not the previous week) We will meet at 11:00 in the shelter of the Kings Cross exit which looks out on The birdcage. The bird cage (which is also known as the Identified Flying Object) is in square which is bordered on the south by Kings Cross and on the west by St Pancras International. From the underground head towards the International terminal

We will look at Kings Cross, St Pancras International, the new Francis Crick institute, and the British Library. You can google all these places.

The 4th Wednesday no longer suits me. I would like to change our outing day to the 4th Thursday. Please let me know if this would suit you. The first Wednesday is still fine for me, but the meeting at my home could be changed to the first Thursday if you would prefer that date.